Sacrificial animals sneak into PM’s VVIP route

Israr Ahmad

Islamabad – A large number of sacrificial animals sneaked into the VVIP route of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Monday in Banigala while putting the police, district administration high-ups and personnel of other law enforcement agencies on toes, informed sources.

Police have rounded up 25 sellers of sacrificial animals and put them behind the bars, they said. Similarly, the arrests were also made in Bharakahu where sellers of sacrificial animals caused road blockade and destruction of green belts, they said. Operations against the violators were conducted on directions of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat.

According to sources, a large number of sacrificial animals entered into VVIP route of PM Imran Khan in Banigala creating panic among the LEAs and police personnel. The police officers, Assistant Commissioner (AC) Secretariat and DMA staff sprang into action and held the goat sellers and removed the sacrificial animals, and cleared the VVIP route for motorcade of premier, sources said.

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They said the same happened in Bharakahu, where sellers of sacrificial animals violated SOPs of district government and set up stalls on the roads causing massive traffic blockade and damaging green belt. Police and the district government also conducted operations in Bharakahu and made arrests, they said.

DC Muhamamd Hamza Shafqaat, when contacted, confirmed that police have arrested a large number of animal sellers who damaged green belt and disturbed smooth flow of traffic in Bharakahu and Banigala. He said the district government has already set up selling points for sacrificial animals in the capital and no one would be allowed to roam in residential areas or on roads to sell out goats, sheep and ox.

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